Welcome to space resistance

SPACE RESISTANCE will spark the development of a community of Cannabis enthusiasts that will have mind-blowing benefits.

Space Resistance

Despite the many benefits of cannabis, this mystical plant has struggled to expand its presence on earth. Dark powers have fought for decades for its ban and have oppressed groups of artists, farmers, scientists and people from different walks of life.

Fortunately, the rebellious spirit of countless people has championed cannabis's own ways of life and allowed millions of people to benefit from its unique medicinal properties.

But the fight continues and we must take a stand to ensure the survival of the plant in the metaverse and on Earth. Join the resistance and become one of 1,000 space rebels who will help spread the magic of cannabis through the Ethereum blockchain.


SPACE RESISTANCE will donate 1 Medical Cannabis product for every NFT minted. The products will be donated to people in need in Colombia. Nos hemos asociado con varias fundaciones que tratan a personas con: dolor crónico, artritis, ansiedad y Parkinson.

Our holders will have access to a private meeting at our cultivation facilities in Colombia. The first global meeting will take place in August 2022.
Holders will have the opportunity to experience the Colombian cannabis ecosystem first-hand.